Off Skate Leg Training

In this video I talk about my off skating training for building leg strength, repairing knee tendons and increasing ankle flexibility.

Skating and Knee Pain

In 2016 I decided I wanted to try to start skating again to get myself back into shape and just to see if I could get back to Nationals one more time as an adult that had just turned 40. I had a great year and ended up going to the 2017 Roller Skating Nationals […]

The Inner Back Spin

For years have had so many people tell me that I spin so fast on my left, inner back upright and sit spins. They come rather easy and natural for me because I’ve been doing it for so long but I’ve now broken down this spin to hopefully help people understand how to do it […]

Just like new

When I first started skating I had a cheap pair of roller blades. After I got into artistic rollerskating I found out that inline skates with toe stops were the new thing. I first got the Pic skates. I didn’t care for the rocker setup so I was searching for other options. Atlas (which is […]

Welcome to the Zen Of Roller Skating Blog

I’m planning to start doing more frequent post in general about roller skating that goes beyond my Zen Of Roller Skating Guide. I’ll be making blog post in reference to my training and condition, health nutrition and fitness, injuries, skate maintenance and more. Check back soon to see what’s new