Just like new

When I first started skating I had a cheap pair of roller blades. After I got into artistic rollerskating I found out that inline skates with toe stops were the new thing. I first got the Pic skates. I didn’t care for the rocker setup so I was searching for other options. Atlas (which is no longer in business) was just the frame I was looking for! I got my Atlas plates around 1998. The wheel setup is flat but it’s a very solid plate. I had a Risport Super Cristallo for the boot I loved skating in these skates. I used them for many years of competition and recreational skating.

After I stopped competition they sat for a long time other than the occasional trip to the rink for public skating sessions. When I started back to skating competition a few years ago I tried my old pals again. I could still do a lot on them but I was afraid to jump in the because the boot had worn down around the ankle. Have a stiff, tight boot is necessary for inlines and ice skating for that matter, to help you from spraining ankles. Once again my inlines sat around for a while.

This past Nationals I took the plunge and finally got a new boot for my old friend. I got the Edea Jazz. The previous year I bought the Edea Fly for my quad skates and this year it was time to upgrade inlines. I loved the Fly’s and the Jazz boots have just as much love but the stiffness I like for inlines.

After I got home from Nationals, I mounted the skates and took them for a spin at my rink. It was just like being home again! I think I may have to start competing in these skates again next year. We shall see!