Exercise 3 – Skating on one foot on the floor

Once you are comfortable standing on one foot off skates and in skates, it’s time to take what you’ve learned on the skating rink floor. Begin skating on two feet at a moderate speed, in a straight line and then just like you’ve done without skates and on the carpet with skates, shift your weight to the side that you want to skate one foot on and then lift your free foot. It doesn’t have to be high and make sure you have enough roll so you don’t come to a complete stop. When you lift your foot, also keep a little bend in the knee of the foot that you are skating on. Once again, focus your mind, balance and weight on the shoulder of the employed side, extending down the arm into the hand. All of your tension should be on the side of the body, in the same side shoulder of the foot that you are skating on. This is your control!

When you’re comfortable, try to shift your weight to the other shoulder and change feet while you are still rolling. Practice this until it becomes comfortable and you can do it without thinking about it.

Take it one step further by moving your free leg and arm anywhere while maintaining the control in the employed side shoulder.

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  1. Hi Mark,
    One foot skating can be great for many reasons: Strength, balance, edges and much more. One addition to your description of doing one foot is to do a self propelled one foot movement. This will add to the balance and strength, but not as much with the edges at first, but as you progress you can deepen the edges. When I was skating I would do a lot of strength and edge training as my warm ups, such as Deep edges and holding, deep knee bend and stroking. On all edges and both forward and backward, but I also included the self propelled 2 foot and one foot edges. How do you do it you may ask!

    This is done by gaining movement/momentum without lifting your feet. It is with slalom movement by shifting your weight and pressing on an edge without lifting then resifting your weight and repeating. This can be done on one or both feet. It is a heavy modification of scissors movement that new skaters learn by moving their feet in and out. The advancement is that the legs stay close and use the body to do the action of the scissor movement. Then an even more advancement is do be able to do it on one foot. It is easiest to learn this in the backward position.

    This is not a graceful edge movement but an extreme leg and ankle strengthening movement and an edge push strengthening movement. It has nothing to do with grace and in fact it is anything but graceful but it does allow your ankles and leg muscles to gain strength with a movement you normally won’t get in skating dance, figures or freestyle, yet it aids in all that you do in skating by giving you much more stability and balance. I wish I had video of me doing it but I don’t. If I can ever get my weight down so it is safe for me to skate again, I will try to get some vid, but till then you can try: scissors the slowly shift weight and bring the scissors close (not big wide scissors, but short close scissors) and use the leaning and weight shifting to increase your momentum. You will notice your power is now from your edges.

    Email me or just add this to the skatelog forum if you figure this out.

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